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Hi everyone,

Wanted to put a letter on our web site letting everyone know what a success the reunion was.  Observing everyone so happy to see old friends and enjoying the 4 days is our reward for the time and efforts our team put in to it.  Keeping it affordable is a goal we really strive to do and I think we did real well.  I am still running into friends telling me it was so wonderful, even friends of those who came have heard from people who attended how nice it was.  As I said on Sat. night it takes a team willing to spend time to meet, plan and help with decisions.  Some I forgot to mention were, Jerry Cochran, Harold Tryon, Buddy Hoffman, Barney McClendon, John Van Dusen, George Mayer, Larry Lammers, Wayne and Joan Bolman, Charlie Mathews, Peggy Schager and Carmen Brooks.  Jeri Thompson was a big help to Jeannette Mitola with all the paper work.  Jeannette typed all your information that was sent, then sent it via email to George Niesen for editing, then he sent it to the printer.  The booklet is amazing and can be ordered on a DVD for $10.  Just contact Jeannette.  A special thanks to Alan Lindley for doing the MC for us (at the last minute).  What a trooper!  We sat and discussed what I needed to cover and he did an excellent job with his natural enthusiasm and great personality.  We would like to thank Art Aho for telling us about his many interesting experiences flying for three of our presidents and the CIA.  A big thanks to Gary and Jean King for storing the decorations for another 5 years.  Teryl Wakeman stored them 10 years ago.  Someone else I forgot was Jimmy Williams.  He came Thursday a.m. and helped Wes Ingram with all the curtains, plus many other tasks.  Carl and Arlene Beckett were also very active  and willing to do anything we needed.  So many more helpers I know I have forgotten, but I thank them all for their enthusiasm and help.  The teachers who came loved the reunion and are excited to come to the next one.  Said they didn't have enough time to get around to see and visit everyone they wanted to.  Every night was wonderful. I just wish more locals would have attended; they were missed and asked about, expecially by the ones who came such a distance  The final day, Sunday we had two great guys, Butch Davis and Kenny Mattz who came early to get the briquettes going so they would be ready by noon.  Thank you both so much.  Thanks to everyone who brought salad and desserts making the picnic complete.  The weather was perfect, sunny, warm and no wind.  For using Mike Sullivan's office (Bill's son) for our meetings we donated $100. to the Bill Sullivan scholarship.  Also gave $100 to the D.N. Boosters club for the help the boys from the football team gave us setting up and helping to decorate Thursday.  Then on Sunday they helped cleanup.  Just wanted to add one more note.  I received a phone call from Kim (our photographer) and the pictures are ready.  The prepaid pictures are being mailed and you can go online to her web site to view and purchase pictures. www:kimfloyd.smugmug.com  Thank you for your patience.  Any suggestions for the next reunion let any of us know and we will consider them.  Hope you all enjoyed the reunion.  Sincerely, Bonnie and the great crew. 



This site is under construction.. and we will probably still be adding stuff up until the reunion. Thanks for your patience!

DNHS Reunion July 11 thru July 14, 2013